We are the authorised dealer of Proton cars in Cairns, and having been involved with the company for many years, we truly see what great value, quality machines these cars really are.

It's easy to see why they are one of the fastest growing car brands in the world with so many people finding the benefits of value for money, handling, driveability and the overall style of the brand is second to none.

It's not surprising that the company is making leaps and bounds - they learnt a lot and upgraded its engineering capabilities when it acquired a share in Lotus Group International in October 1996. This stake was increased to 100% in 2003. Since the acquisition, personnel from Lotus are closely involved in Proton's new model development, with a team of engineers permanently based at the design and development centre in Malaysia.

Proton - A worldwide brand

Today, Proton is Malaysia’s leading automotive manufacturer with over 25 years of innovation and exports to over 25 countries worldwide. Key export markets include Australia, Singapore, the Far East and the UK; where during 2009 it celebrated 20 years in the market place. Today it has over a dozen models in its stable with more than 3 million units sold.

Want to know more?

Visit the Proton website, or drop into our showroom and discuss it in more detail.