Mark Dodge Volvo Cars Cairns pride themselves in their professionalism and attention to detail, so you can be assured that the utmost attention and care is provided to you and your Volvo.

Mark Dodge Volvo is the Volvo warranty service provider in the region, and we also cover general servicing, repairs and genuine Volvo spare parts.

Made by Sweden, enjoyed in Cairns

In Sweden, care for people is a priority. Everyone is important – all life is important – and that has always carried through naturally into Volvo’s ethos of car making. It’s this care for the wellbeing of driver, passengers and everyone around the car that has always defined Volvo. And always will.

When engineers in America tested a Volvo in 1976, they thought their equipment was broken because the emissions readings were so low. But Volvo had fitted the world’s first three-way catalytic converter (Lambda Sond), cutting hazardous exhaust emissions by around 90 per cent. Volvo realised how important that was for the world and left the patent open. Today, almost every engine in the world uses it.

Keeping you safe has always been Volvo’s mission. And the humble safety belt has helped them save an estimated one million lives since Volvo’s Nils Bohlin introduced the three-point safety belt back in 1959. Since then, they've been on a constant path of innovation – right up to creating the world’s first seat belts that pre-tighten when the car senses that a rear impact is imminent.

Uniquely Volvo

Volvo's use of specially hand-picked examples of flame birch shows the lengths we go to in order to ensure that only the best and most suitable materials make it into a Volvo. The most beautiful examples are the hardest to find, but we go the distance.

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